Unique Sacred Creations Inspired by and Created with Orgonite


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Origins and Information

Orgonite's energies can be the catalyst to bring balance within and without. It can bring you back your health by eliminating negative energy and neutralizing negative electromagnetic fields. We all have appliances and electronics in our homes and surroundings that create negative electromagnetic fields such as cell phones, microwaves, computers, wifi routers,  signal antennas, satellite discs and pollution. These negative energies and fields can be very detrimental to your health, however they can be easily transmuted to positive and healing energies using orgonite technology. Orgonite literally clears out negative energy and converts it to positive energy to maintain the proper energy balance within your body as well as its surroundings

Dr. Wilhelm Reich, "discovered" an etheric energy which he called orgone. The etheric energy he "discovered" is the fabric of creation, and it is present in every atom in existence, even the air around you.  This energy is also called life energy, chi, prana, 4th dimensional energy, and ki energy. Dr. Wilhelm Reich was able to prove the healing effects of his discovery when he made use of these energies to heal his cancer patients by just having to sit inside the orgone accumulator boxes for a series of treatments. Don and Carol Croft, furthered this discovery by creating a device which you can place on your table and convert all the negative etheric energy present in your surroundings into positive than just by sitting inside a grid of healing boxes.

Orgonite attracts and repels the orgone. The organic resin pulls or attracts the orgone while the metallic shaving repels it. The series of attracting and repelling of the orgone inside the orgonite mixture gives off a well-balanced etheric energy that is then reflected in your surroundings as well as in your physical, emotional and spiritual bodies. When the energy is in your surroundings is in balance, your body reflects that, it responds to it. This leads to feeling more relaxed and lively. There are many ailments that can be healed through having an orgonite field in your home or place of work.  Orgonite helps you eliminate negative energy and produce positive energy  creating a healthier environment. The effect of its action may vary in time depending on how long the armored energy is stuck in your body and in your environment and your willingness to release it. Orgonite works constantly to tranform and balance the energy. In time, you can totally feel the healing effect or the orgonite.